How athletes can tell entire story of activity
The “VIDEO” feature

About Strava

Strava is the largest sports community in the world.
Over 100 million athletes in 195 countries use Strava – so whatever your activity and goals, you’ll have a community at your back. Athletes on the Strava app or website can record over 30 types of activities with features to help them explore, connect and measure their progress. Strava athletes upload everything from walks around the block to Tour de France stage wins. If you’re out there going for it, you’re one of Straviolis 😉

Success metrics

How might video strengthen the relationship with the community and enhance our ability to drive deeper engagement?

Business Objective

  • % MAU upload activities w/video
  • % MAU viewing video
  • % MAU Sharing activities w/ video
  • % MAU mentions in activity descriptions
  • % MAU using comments reactions


Tool to spark conversations and enhance the athlete community’s experience.

Unlock the path for a new segment of storytellers and give athletes the tools to share the story of their athletic life.

Make it meaningful for athletes to share their stories on Strava and strengthen their relationship with the community.

Empower athletes to discover the amazing stories of the community and enhance the loops that keep athletes learning, engaged, and inspired.

Project Structure

Before delving into the content, I wanted to start by highlighting how we structured the project.


My cross-functional partners

What I have done:
UX, UI Design, components, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and more to communicate interaction and design ideas. Helped UXers for interviews, and testing activities to get closer user insights.

Tools I have used:
Figma, Jira, Protopie, Amplitute, Slack, Frappuccino 😉

01. Discover

Begin understanding current video behavior among our athletes:

  • Are athletes recording a video today? Which athletes are most likely to record?
  • What do we know about those videos?
  • What are athletes doing with the videos?

02. Define

Athletes Interviews (9 participants)

  • What are the mindset and motivation among potential early adopters?
  • How can we ensure that Strava will be perceived as the right place
    from them to tell their story in video?

Competitive Audit

03. Develop


04. Design




05. Deliver

Detailed MVP design will be shared via Figma file during the portfolio review.

06. Evaluation

Usability testing key findings

07. Impact

After a successful month in MVP launch, we have achieved our target.

08. Future Steps

09. Takeaways

  • Gained valuable experience in implementing video features within iOS and Android native apps.
  • Acquired insights into the iterative nature of product development through the experience of launching the MVP for the video feature.