About me

Hello! ? I’m Matt Bulbul, a Product Designer specializing in UX/UI design, visual design, and design systems. Over the past seven years, I’ve been joining forces with brilliant minds, consulting for startups ?, and flexing my design muscles ? working remotely with agencies, all while putting the user at the heart of every design decision.

With a passion for creating complex, meaningful products that exceed user expectations, my designs are not just visually compelling, but user-centric too. By maintaining a seamless link between people and ideas, I push the boundaries of what’s possible in user experience.

I firmly believe in Don Norman‘s “fail fast, learn fast” approach, seeing every iteration as a stepping stone to crafting incredible MVPs that hit the mark. We called it at Strava MAPs (Minimum Awesome Product)  If it’s not measurable, it’s not manageable in my book. So I ensure that every design decision can be backed up with data and insights. ?

Throughout my journey, I’ve navigated varied industries such as tech ?, retail ?️, non-profit, e-commerce ?, and startups, always with a keen eye for enhancing user experience and aesthetics. This diverse experience has enabled me to master new fields and convert that knowledge into impactful design solutions.

On the side, I’ve nurtured a fascination with the intersection of design and generative AI ?, investing my spare time in exploring its potential to revolutionize future digital experiences. ?

When I’m not designing, I’m likely immersed in design literature ?, seeking visual inspiration, or indulging in my sushi ? cravings.

And yes, I proudly wear the title of an iced caramel latte ? enthusiast! If you’d like to chat about design, business needs, the intriguing world of generative AI, or just exchange notes on making a sublime latte, feel free to give me a shout.

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Work experience

Branch – Staff Product Designer

Artisse AI – Head of Design (UX/UI)
Headed the design team in crafting engaging user experiences and visually appealing interfaces for an innovative photo social network powered by generative AI. Successfully delivered the first MVP across native apps and web platforms.
Jan 2023 – Dec 2023, Remote  CONTRACT

Strava – Staff Product Designer
Enhanced community engagement and storytelling by developing key social features and video tools. Redesigned the user-friendly onboarding experience and devised an intuitive body map UX for the Recover Athletics app, aiding in runners’ injury prevention and management.
Jan 2022 – Jan 2023, San Francisco  IMPACTED BY LAYOFFS

Fetch Rewards – Senior Product Designer
Key contributor to the ‘Solo to Social’ initiative, designing features that transformed Fetch Rewards from a single-user to a socially-engaging, gamified platform, increasing user retention and engagement.
Mar 2021 – Jan 2022 , Remote  RESIGNED DUE TO PERSONAL REASONS

King UX/UI Designer
Worked on the Candy Crush Royalty Program, where I leveraged my UX/UI design skills to increase the sign-up ratio from 30% to 50%. I achieved this by enhancing user experience, introducing gamified elements, and creating an incentivized sign-up flow to engage and retain players.
May 2020 – Dec 2020, BAY AREA  IMPACTED BY COVID-19

Karmia Senior UX/UI Designer
Led the design team to create tailored user experiences and data visualizations for charity donations. Mentored junior designers and contributed to UX research and testing. Notably, amplified donor engagement and retention through strategic UX enhancements.
Sep 2019 – May 2020, BAY AREA  IMPACTED BY COVID-19

Apple – Interactive Production Designer
Via Hogarth Worldwide worked at Apple for a new product launch. Collaborated with the product team to provide localized user interface designs. Developed mockups and prototypes for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Catalina OS.
Aug 2019 – Sep 2019, Bay Area  CONTRACT

BRANDCLINIC – Product Designer

Le City Deluxe – Art Director
Created innovative magazine layout designs, developed templates for e-newsletters, presentations, and sales kits, and designed UI and layouts for social media accounts, resulting in increased user engagement.
Apr 2014 – Jul 2016, Remote  FULL-TIME

Havas (Euro RSCG) – Graphic Designer
Developed creative concept designs and presentations for high-profile clients like Air France, Jotun, and Evian. I oversaw all design projects from conception to delivery, ensuring high-quality and timely deliverables.
Sep 2010 – Apr 2014, Dubai  FULL-TIME


Remote User Research, Measuring UX and ROI, Analytics and User Experience, Journey Mapping, Design Exploration, Survey, Interview, Persona & Scenario, Usability Testing, User Flow, Task Flow, A/B Testing.

Design Systems & Style Guides, Visual Brand Identity & Brand Development.

Visual Design, Interaction Design, Wireframes & Mockups, Rapid Prototyping.

Pen and Paper, Figma, Miro, Protopie, Sketch, Zeplin, Jira, Slack, Invision, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Balsamiq.

English, Russian, Turkish.


Designlab – UX Academy
User Experience Design
September 2019

Designlab – Design 101
Design Systems
June 2019

Mega University
Graphic Design
June 1999


Top ADPList Mentor

NN/g Group UX certified – 1053407

St. Francis College Brooklyn, NY
2015 – 2016 Guest Speaker / Branding

Volunteer at Peace Islands Institute
helped to organize events and forums
to develop perspectives on social issues
and build relationships among diverse
cultures and traditions.


Jan 2023 – Present
Working on an ambitious personal project to transform pet photos into stunning digital masterpieces using generative AI.