The Giving Platform™

Karmia – the world’s first Retailer of Charities –
safe, private, and smart way to support any cause or nonprofit.
One dollar, share, or like at a time.

00. Introduction


What I have done:
Collaborated with the product team to provide tailored user experiences. Developed wireframes, storyboards, mockups, prototypes, and more to communicate interaction and design ideas. Helped UXers for research, interviews, and testing activities to get the closer user insights.

Pen & Paper, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Photoshop.


About Karmia

5 billion people, give over $500 billion to millions of Charities across 11 segments.

Humanity’s resources and needs are disconnected for many solvable reasons.

Before Karmia, supporting causes was difficult, discovering nonprofits was inefficient, and supporting several nonprofits required a separate relationship with each.  It was like having to buy every item in the grocery store separately from each supplier.

Further, every nonprofit needed to independently build out a digital fundraising platform.  The nonprofit industry’s redundant costs are wasteful and prevent great organizations from delivering more value.


  • The friction between donors and charities is significant.
  • Every charity acts like a retailer who goes direct-to-donors.
  • Charity-centric market offerings are plentiful.
  • Donor-centric offerings are scarce and inadequate.
  • The digitization of giving has lagged the market due to several fixable reasons.
  • A donor-centric, technology marketplace will drastically reduce industry friction.


Simple, Easy, and Trustworthy online store to search and discover causes and charities to support.

– Like, share, or give to any cause or charity.
– Create safe and flexible personal cause fundraisers, which is called Kaboodles, to share with family and friends.

01. Discovery

Market Overview

  • 5 billion people,
  • Give over $500 Billion,
  • To millions of Charities,
  • Across 11 segments (Animals, Arts culture and humanities, community development, education & youth, environment, health, human and civil rights, human services, international, religion and research, and public policy.)

Data Sources


Primary Audience Research Insights (n=5,000)

92% of people already give, 73% give cash and 50% donate goods/services.

42 mm U.S. adults want to give more but haven’t prioritized it.

– Specific Feedback –#1 obstacle to giving is not knowing how funds are being used.
– Confidence –#1 Desired Feeling People want confidence their donation is being used wisely.

Visceral and verifiable feedback is a requirement. 79% of people want to see (video) and hear (audio) how their donations are being put into action. Hence, 63% of people give to local charities vs only 18% to international ones.

Primary Audience Research Insights (n=5,000)

63% of people would sign up for a service that gives their spare change to charity

54% would give the spare change automatically.

41% would like to login periodically to manage how they give accumulated funds.

Target Demographic

– 25 to 40 years old
– 70 million individuals
– Avg donations: ~$615 / yr.

02. Define

Key Findings - Donor Benefits

– Ease Find and Give to any charity in less than 10 seconds.
– Discovery Over 2 mm searchable non-profit orgs.
– Convenience Professionally curated bundles of charities around causes.
– Flexibility Digital and traditional payment instrument options.
– Privacy Full GDPR like control.

Earning & Sharing
– Feedback Impact reports and charity feedback increase donor confidence.
– Rewards Earn digital and premium goods for giving.
– Social giving opens access to exclusive communities, share your achievements, campaign on behalf of causes.
– Portable Karmia Gift Cards Enable Donors to “Give the Gift of Giving”.

– Auto Harvesting Payroll deduction, Spare change harvesting, Affinity Credit Cards (2% to Charity)
– Receipts One receipt for all donations, full history
– Reports Set goals, understand your giving profile, Karmia (compassion) score.

Key Findings - Charity Benefits

More Effective and Digital Donations
– Digital Optimization Highest possible digital donor conversion
– More Donors Built-in, native co-op elements for charities
– Donor Acquisition Tap to give (RFID), Pair to Give (Give codes, QR/AR images)
– Frequency Tools to establish donor relationships and recurring gifts
– Matching support

More Efficiency, Lower Costs, Reduced Risks
– Checkout Free hosted checkout
– Privacy legally compliant, consent donor data
– Recurring incentives for donors to give frequently
– Access to Low Cost Premiums/Incentives

03. Ideation

04. Design

I then moved on to designing with Sketch & prototyping it with InVision. Actually, prototyping helped me to understand how some of the interactions designed in the first place may not work well and helped me to iterate.

05. Evaluation

After the high fidelity design process, we conducted usability testing with 14 participants. The purpose of the test was to evaluate users’ overall experiences with wireframes of the Karmia platform and to provide basic user data for the Product Team.

Across almost all of the testers, there was great enthusiasm for the platform.  All users wanted to explore the platform and discover the functionality of the icons and links on their own.

Satisfaction of the use: 6/10

Likelihood of use: 8/10

Key Findings

– Due largely to the static nature of the wireframes, users were generally unclear about the purpose and functionality of the platform
– 80% of users expressed confusion about some of the iconography and wording.
– Once users learned more about the platform and its tools, they expressed interest and had generally positive feedback.
-Users, in general, had no difficulty signing up. 
– Users easily found the search bar, and many said they would search the name of a specific charity.
– Users easily found the list view and said that it looked as expected.
– 75% of users quickly figured out the donation process and said that it was “easy,” “as expected,” a “familiar checkout process/common experience.”  Users liked the recurring option.

06. Reflection

I learned a lot from this project. Especially gathering users inside and user testing. As a UX designer, my goal is to understand the user’s pain point, get the user insights, and then make a difference in the world with my designs. Thinking how the outcome of Karmia can benefit potential donors, as well as millions of nonprofits awaiting donations, is especially thrilling and fulfilling.