I love Sushi

Gamified Sushi app where you can track and share  your sushis with your friends.

00. Introduction


What I have done:
User Research, UX strategy, Interaction Design, Prototyping, User Testing, UI Design.

Pen & Paper, Sketch, Invision, Photoshop

Social Networking

I Love Sushi is a gamified sushi app where you can track your eaten sushi and share them with your friends. I Love Sushi also allows you with “Sushi Bell” feature to invite your friend for a new sushi experience. App also helps you to find nearby sushi restaurants in your area. So, download the app and start tracking your sushi!


There are hundreds of restaurant apps, with the standard solution to find the restaurant nearby. But it is boring! 🙁 We wanted to add fund with gamification to this app that you can track your eaten sushi and compete with your friends who eat more sushi. Also, the app allows you to invite your friend for a new sushi experience. Tab to “Sushi Bell” now!


I Love Sushi app is for sushi lovers. Just download the app, find your favorite sushi restaurant nearby and track all your sushi from California roll to tempura. Every day is a new challenge, compete for your friend who in the leaderboard and interact with them by inviting the to restaurant through the app.

Sketch Design

After generating ideas with words, I've started getting hands-on by making sketches of the design.


After sketching some first drafts, I moved onto higher fidelity digital wireframes. Below are a few of the first versions of the wireframes before testing and iterations.

Style Tile

I put everything together in this deliverable: colors, type, imagery, and logo.

Final App Design

Hi-fi versions for the design. Ta-da!

Eat. Play. Enjoy.

Eat your favorite sushi and track them to compete with your friends.

Discover new places

Find your favorite sushi restaurant nearby and enjoy your sushi day 😉

Track your sushis

Save and track your eaten sushis by categories and compete with your friends. Let's see who is on the leaderboard this week.

Invite your friends

"Sushi Bell" feature helps you to invite your friends for the best sushi experience. Enjoy your sushis with your friends!